3 Mar 2013

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Well, well, well...look what I did! I wrote some words, in order, to make sentences and thoughts! It is a miracle. I've been reading and lurking in Sherlock fandom for over a year, and puttering slowly away at this fic for many many months, so I finally decided to kick myself in the butt and post the first part, eager to motivate myself to finish the other chapters. So, here is chapter one of the first thing I've tried to write in Sherlock fandom. Trying a new fandom feels a little bit like cheating on my loyal Snupin spouse, but I know the boys will understand (feels Snape's icy glare and Lupin's understanding yet judgmental eyes upon me...)

If anyone cares to give this a try, it is over at Ao3:

Title: His Best Man
Author: westernredcedar
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Summary: On day twenty-three, the fog lifts and John figures it out.
Warnings: post-Reichenbach (spoilers, ahoy!), angst, grief, ambiguous confusing relationship, no Sherlock in this part
Rated: This part is PG, later parts will be rated higher
Length: 5800 in this part, estimated 15,000 in all
Notes: Thank you to book7brokemybrain and woldy, who both gave this portion a look-over and made many helpful comments. I have messed with it quite a lot since then, so the errors are all mine.
Huge credit to arianedevere, whose amazing transcripts allowed me to pull lines easily and use them in this piece.
I have most of part two written and will strive to update in a week.

Smooches and hugs to all of you. I'm excited to get back to some writing! *kiss*


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