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So, I've been writing constantly, more chapters of the Sherlock thingy I posted before, if anyone cares to check it out: Adagio, in Baker Street. It mostly a big pile of UST based on the tossed off idea in canon that Sherlock taught John to waltz. There are now three chapters, and 4 and 5 are written in my mind, I know where I'm going. I need to keep my pace up because I'm on a week break now, and I know I will not be able to write as much when I'm back to work. Chop chop, me.

I've been thinking a lot this week, as I let myself get completely swept up in Sherlock fandom like I haven't since HP first grabbed me and wouldn't let go, about what got me into fandom in the first place.

1. I started going fannish well into canon: I only got excited about HP after PoA, and only got into fandom after OotP. Why? PoA was the signal to me that this series might be about more than wish-fulfillment for kids, and might actually be about lots of complicated choices adults made and were still making, especially during war, that affect the kids who are ostensibly the "main characters" in the series. Suddenly, the back story was just as important and the plot, and the subtext just as interesting as the text. Then, in OotP, I started seeing clues for myself (are Remus and Sirius a couple? Is Sirius really dead? etc.) that drove me to seek out people to talk to about it. So. Cue, Sherlock, season three, where I experienced a very similar turn in my feelings, where subtext and textual clues seem to abound, and dammit, it all must mean something and I want to know what. (What does John mean when he says, "Yeah, I'm there if you want it," in his sleep while Sherlock grabs his leg. WHAT COULD THAT MEAN IF NOT A COME ON? etc) And, like in PoA, maybe this isn't just a detective show, but is actually about human relationships and how they develop between adults. Not sure yet, but the feeling that there is something more to explore is the same.

2. Being driven to write a flurry of fanfiction that flows out easily: In HP, as soon as I realized I might enjoy writing, I wrote piles of drabbles and several long fics super easily, with hardly any effort, including a 15,000 word Charlie/Viktor and a 25,000 word Remus/Severus thing. Now, I know that many words is no longer possible with my busy life schedule, but I have to say the enjoyment of writing the 5,000 words I have so far this week has been very reminiscent of that time. It's just flowing out.

3. I'm starting new things: Like, I just signed up on Tumblr, even though it is a fucking mystery to me how to make it work as a way to interact with people. When I got into HP, I was a complete novice at everything, LJ, blogging, fandom, and I feel like a bit of a novice again.

So, who knows, but this pattern seems interesting to me. I thought I'd flirted with and dismissed Sherlock fandom months ago, but now it's lured me back. I know the SO is getting frustrated because I'm back on the computer so much, too, and that was part of my initial blast into fandom as well. ;) Perhaps the most telling sign, in fact...

Okay, now to deal with some RL stuff before I start to write the next chapter of angst-ridden dancing! *hugs*
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