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Day 2: In your own space, promote three communities, challenges, blogs, pages, Twitters, Tumblrs or platforms and explain why you love them.

Oy! This one is hard for me because part of why I'm doing the challenge is to look at others' responses and broaden my fandom horizons. Let's see though, I'll just be honest, if not that original:

The thing I use CONSTANTLY now is Archive of Our Own. I do almost all of my reading there, using the various filters to help me find what I want. My best experiences, especially in treading into new fandoms recently, is to go to the Ao3 page for the fandom, sort for the pairing/character I want, and then sort for kudos or bookmarks. This gets me going on the "classics," if you will, of the fandom. Then I can search from there and follow authors, etc, as I wish. I completely lost myself in Torchwood fandom with this method...

Back in LJ land, I have to promote my dear old Quibbler Report an HP rare-pair and gen recs letter that I was an editor on for years (though not any more). I love QR for bringing attention to unusual pairings, great art, and comms that might otherwise fly under the radar. It is a recs letter, so the editors actually read many, many things and then decide what to suggest in the newsletter, so you can expect what is linked there to be of good quality. It's a labor of love for those who do it, and I still use it all the time to try out new and different pairings and characters.

Last, I'll point anyone reading this to one of my favorite yearly events, lgbtq_recs! This is a comm where every June reccers sign up to recommend favorite LGBTQ-themed, well, anything. Here's the list from the comm information of what can be rec'ed: "books, movies, music, performances, websites, fiction, non-fiction, children's and young adult's books, academic articles, non-academic articles, television shows, you name it"! The yearly master lists are all very well organized and are a great resource at any time of year if you want to find a great movie, book, etc with a queer theme. I visit regularly to find a new text or film to experience. Check it out!
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I decided I was going to do this this year, then promptly missed the first day. Woo! It's meant to be low-pressure, right, so I'm completing Days One and Two on Day Two. Take that, complicated and busy life!

So, Day One: In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator.

Okay, let's see. Let the navel-gazing begin!

That Dear Octopus (PG, Severus/Remus, Eileen/Tobias, Minerva/OFC, AU- post-war)
Summary: Severus has cultivated a life isolated from his family, but now his estranged mother and grandmother have rescued him from the brink of death. Oh, and then there is Remus...

At least right now, this is the piece I am most proud of. It was the one I wrote when I felt the most like I was finding my own voice and didn't need to be derivative of any other fics I'd read. Also, the characters were speaking loud and clear to me in my head, and I managed to get them to speak out on the page just as clearly as they spoke in my imagination. It also contains some of the best lines I've written, at least according to me. It is one of the last long pieces I wrote in what I think of as my "heyday" as a fandom writer, and I still re-read it when I'm in a mood and need to cheer up. Plus, I really do love Eileen and Leo, and wish they would come visit me again.

An Ecstasy of Fumbling (NC-17, Severus/Remus, Remus/OMCs, Remus/Sirius, Remus/Charlie, AU- WWI, warning: open-relationship infidelity)
Summary: After eight years together, Remus needs something or someone to shake up his relationship with Severus. In the aftermath of war, how do two people find themselves, and each other, again?

This fic was such a joy to write, at the height of my beta partnership with blpaintchart. We talked every day and worked through every detail of life during the post-WWI era, and had a blast doing it. I am particularly proud of responses I got to this one in regards to historical detail and historical views of homosexuality. Also, I do love Charlie Weasley, the undergardener...mmm, yes. I know the infidelity keeps readers away from it, but I like to think that this is not so much about infidelity, as about finding fidelity again when it has been lost, if that makes sense. Anyway, in my current state of brain melt and parenthood, I look at this one and can't believe that I once wrote it. I did? Wow. I'm proud of myself!

You Can Run but You Can't (NC-17, Charlie/Viktor, Charlie/OFC, Bill/Fleur, warning: infidelity)
Summary: Charlie's life veers off course, but Bill and Viktor are there to set him, um, straight.

I had to include my other favorite pairing to write, Charlie and Viktor. It was hard to select one from my various fics about them, but I think this is my current favorite. There's that blasted infidelity again, but here it is all about Charlie panicking about his sexuality and unable to deal, and Bill being an awesome and honest brother, and Viktor being a hot slab of man. Yum. Charlie makes some bad decisions in this one, but they are also good decisions in the end, and I love a conflicted Weasley trying to deal with life while being a bit of an ass. They do that so well! :)

On to Day Two!
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Hi y'all!

Well, it has been a lovely winter break so far, only slightly horribly stressful. I was even able to read quite a bit...it's been a toss-up between reading Snupin Santa and reading yet more Torchwood fic. Here are a few recs from Snusa! I hope some of you will head to the Snupin Santa Archive to read and leave these lovely authors some love.

Snupin Santa (all Remus/Severus, of course!):
Remember the Time by [livejournal.com profile] lordhellebore (PG-13, ~3000 words)
Wow, this is beautiful angst, and a new take that I have not read before, on the triangle of Remus/Tonks/Severus during the second war. I won't say too much, except that this one HURTS, but is respectful of all three of these characters, and is just brilliantly executed. If you love painful Snupin angst (like me), don't miss it!

The Spy's Contact by [livejournal.com profile] stgulik (PG, 420 words)
I LOVED this little ficlet of scenes between the boys as they worked for the Order during one of the wars (your choice!). Each scene says so much with so little, with a lovely balance of angst, humor, and even holiday warmth. Lovely!

Fairy Lights and Port by [livejournal.com profile] nimrod_9 (PG-13, 276 words)
This is a very sweet, but wonderfully in character ficlet that takes you right inside Severus's mind as he deals with actually being comfortable and happy on Christmas. Awesome, as is Remus attempting to keep him from thinking about anything too hard.

For Your Eyes Only by [livejournal.com profile] snapealina (G, 500 words)
Another sweet ficlet, this one amongst the Marauders, in which a note from Snape to Remus is intercepted by his friends. Cuteness and savvy-Snape-planning ensues.

Happy Christmas by [livejournal.com profile] islandsmoke (G, 500 words)
Holy adorable fluffiness! Remus is his sappy self, and Snape is all paranoid, and they are off in the Alps together at Christmas.

I wrote one too, by the way, My Promising Career in Espionage, which I will repost here once the fest is over. I want to compile more Torchwood recs soon. Don't know if any of you would even consider reading them, but I like keeping track for myself! :) HARKNESS! *ahem*

Happy reading! *hugs*
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Hi y'all.
Sometime in the next 24 hours I will complete the story I'm working on, and then I could use a lovely and wonderful beta. I'm in need of a SPAG check, a canon check, and if possible, a Brit-pick. It will probably be around 5000 words. Thought I'd see now if I can line one of you helpful humans up so I know who to send to as soon as I get this thing finished!

Thank you in advance, my dears. *hugs*
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Hey y'all!
Anyone available for a beta? It's Snape/Lupin, about 5500 words, and in decent shape I think. I mostly need SPAG, any available Brit-picking, and someone to tell me if it veers off track horribly at any point. I hope it can be a low-impact beta job for someone.
If you can do it, you can reply here or email me at cdayrtree at gmail dot com.
Dreamy! Thanks, future beta!

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Hey kids!

I am almost finished with my story for this year's Snupin Santa, and I am really pleased with it, finding myself so nostalgic and hoping some more writers might make a return appearance after long absence. IT IS NOT TOO LATE! The link above takes you to the sign up page for claiming prompts. There are so many AMAZING prompts there, just waiting for someone to give them some love. I know much of the Snupin crowd has dispersed over the last years, but if you are tempted at all...Join me! You can still have a few weeks to submit and post in the fest.

In other news, I have a completely plotted story for Kinky Kristmas in my head, but it has not yet emerged out onto the computer screen. Eek! Deadlines. They loom. I can do it, though. *nodnod*

Random observation about life...now about half the technology in my life has a touch screen and the other half does not, and it is damn confusing! I keep poking at my laptop's screen, wondering why it is not loading, or even worse, jabbing on my students' computer screens trying to help them when they do not have touch-screens. They love to laugh at me.

How are you? *hugs*

Book Meme!

5 Nov 2013 09:49 pm
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Book meme swiped from [livejournal.com profile] magnetic_pole! I can't resist making a list of books...

1. Spend no more than ten minutes writing down the names of books that have been especially significant to you in some way. (Entries other than literary fiction welcome! You might think of your own criteria: books you'd bring to a desert island? Books that you associate with turning points or periods in your life? The most worn items on your bookshelf? Anything between two covers counts.)
Don't think, just brainstorm! Ten minutes only.

2. Type up this list with numbers. At this point, you can reorder the list (if you want), add authors' names, edit, etc.

3. Readers are invited ask about a particular number.

My list, left as I brainstormed it... )
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Hey there friends. Still going to keep trying with posting more often. Trying!
SO. Also, I'm participating in things. Here are some of the things:

hp_halloween, fests, and how Torchwood is eating my brain )
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Hi, still here. Since I've posted so infrequently these last few years, I'm taking the posting challenge at my own pace. Hell, if I post thirty times THIS YEAR, never mind in a month, it will be a huge accomplishment.

So, another school year underway, so my time becomes more precious, but also quite a bit more organized. This year started with a jolt, so much going on super fast, so I'm actually looking forward to October when I think the pace will slow back to only average crazy.

I'm still shoulders-deep in Torchwood fandom... cut for Torchwood ramblings and thoughts on being late to a fandom and what *is* what the point of a top ten list and what episode I love and did I say rambling? )
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On Friday I went to a potluck picnic and when I got home I could tell that something had bitten my ankle, something of the insect variety. Now, three days later, my ankle is an achy, hot, red puff still, slightly better today so I'm not panicking, but still...what am I so allergic too?? I felt nothing!

Basically, I've failed recently in my appreciation of ankles- the mobility they give me, the range of motion, the support- until this one has been stiff and immobile for days. So here's to ankles! *cheers*

In other news, it was the return to school day for us teachers today...meetings only, but still, I cannot deny anymore that summer is ending. Boo. I love denial.

*hugs* I'll aim for fandom posting again next time. Until then, a Jack/Ianto icon will have to do!
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Spent all day today getting tons more of my old fic up on Ao3. It's been such a nostalgic day because of it; each fic is like a little time capsule of my life over the last seven years.

A decent percentage of my longer fic is now up, and someday I have to start on my ficlets and drabbles (so many!).

Anyway, nothing more to say today, but here is my Ao3 masterlist for reference.

Oh, and while I'm here...the ficlet I wrote a couple days ago totally made me go back and find this glorious Lily and Severus in the 70's art by pojypojy that I have always adored. This is exactly what they looked like. *nodnod*
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Title: Forgiveness
Author: [livejournal.com profile] westernredcedar
For: [livejournal.com profile] aunty_marion
Characters: Severus/Remus, Lily
Summary: Lily invited all of her friends to visit over summer hols.
Prompt: Severus/anyone, dancing in the garden
Rated: PG
Warnings: angst, underage drinking and smoking
Words: ~1,300
Notes: On April 27, 2012, I posted a ficlet offer, had several requests, and then never wrote a single ficlet. UNTIL NOW. Bwahahaha!
Also, this happily fits with the current "What I Did on my Summer Vacation" challenge at [livejournal.com profile] lupin_snape! Even though it is weird, vague Snupin teen angst confusion. Whee! Before you read this, remember that Snape's Worst Memory takes place at the end of fifth year, but the prank not until sixth. Just remember that.

Forgiveness )
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Title: Standing Guard
Author: [livejournal.com profile] westernredcedar
For: [livejournal.com profile] azure_rosa
Pairing: Remus/Severus
Prompt: Potions Cupboard, Marauder's Era
Rated: PG
Length: 550 words

Notes: On April 27, 2012, I posted a ficlet offer, had several requests, and then never wrote a single ficlet. UNTIL NOW. Bwahahaha!

Standing Guard )
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Hi again! I know! Three times in one summer! What is this world coming to...

My dear [livejournal.com profile] magnetic_pole has suggested joining in a challenge to try posting regularly again here, fannish or non-fannish. I'm going to give it a go. I don't know that I can do every day, but I have a little plan in hand for the sake of trying, and it is this:

Maybe I can post even if it is boring, just like a real journal, and then maybe by practicing writing again, I will be less boring soon!

So that is the plan and let's see how it goes.

Today, to start, I will continue on the theme that I am plowing through Torchwood fic like a bulldozer, totally ignoring other important aspects of life like sleep and prepping for the on-coming school year (which is bearing down on me, freight-train metaphor and all). So, since it is what I'm doing anyway, here are a couple of fics I've adored (again, years late) all found in various ways due to [livejournal.com profile] rose71, my Torchwood fandom hero! So here's some fic. All Jack/Ianto.

Amazing Jack/Ianto CoE Fix-It Fics
The Rose of Jericho by kaydeefalls
Intersecting Geodesics by nancybrown
From Here to There and Back Again With You by blue_fjords

A Fic to be Read because Ianto is Affected by Some Alien Truth Serum and Writes Everyone Letters
Signed+Sealed+Delivered=Toujours by amand_r

A Rollicking Good Time was Had By All Fic, Including Ianto and More Than One Jack in the Distant Future
A Matter of Time by demotu

I've also made major progress in finally watching Doctor Who- getting acquainted a bit, and then watching all the Harkness episodes and then going back and catching up with the rest. Finished all of ninth doctor, and am in mid-first season of the tenth. Reading up on background and all like a proper obsessive.

Now, to post! *hugs flist* I'll try to be less boring again tomorrow. No promises, though!
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Hi again!
My summer of fandom floating continues. Sherlock! Avengers! The Voice! Top Gun!?!
So now...I just watched Torchwood (I know, finally) for the first time (seasons 1 to 3). I mean, I knew at the time that I should be watching it, but I just had no time. So instead, I've fallen madly in love now, years late. MADLY. MADLY. MADLY IN LOVE. So I've been reading fic like a mad fic reader, because the show is so damn elusive and frustrating and (consistently, maddeningly) shows you scenes in one room when you really want to see the scene happening in the room next door, or five minutes later, or the next day, or whatever. So, fic.

So, my question: Anyone out there want to rec me some great Jack/Ianto?? I've read a lot in the last few days, but I just know that there must be some (more) epic and wonderful shit out there. And I want it all. *greedygrabbyhands* Really excellent Fix-It fics are especially welcome.

In HP land, I'm considering doing one fest this holiday season if I can get my writing mojo back?? One can hope.

Also, hi! *hugs all* Send me Jack/Ianto fics recs. *smooch*
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Hello anyone still out there!
*listens for echo*
It is my summer break from teaching, which means that I am...posting something. Woo! I actually am still here reading all the time, just lurking like a creepy little lurker rather than the grand participant I used to be. Oh well. Here's some stuff:

Fandom-wise, I have been all over the place recently. I was entrenched as a reader and fledgling writer in BBC Sherlock fandom for many months when RL totally derailed that direction. I still have most of the unfinished second chapter of the thing I was writing, and I dream of being able to complete it this summer...maybe? I simply cannot promise. Then I spent a sweet month or so just reading any decent The Voice RPF and thinking this was pretty odd, even for me (*ahem*, [livejournal.com profile] snegurochka_lee, recs further down, keep reading...). Now this summer has been entirely consumed by catching up on Avengers and the Marvel Universe movies and fic...damn, it has been a fun few weeks of cheesy superhero goodness. I saw The Avengers back when it came out last summer, but only just watched Thor and Captain America, and Iron Man still waits for me.

I also just enjoyed [livejournal.com profile] magnetic_pole's most recent round of [livejournal.com profile] lgbtq_recs and have a list of books to order when I finish making this post!

I thought maybe I'd rec a few things I've enjoyed? I don't know. I am confident everything I'm going to mention is a classic and super well known in their individual fandoms already, seeing how my search criteria on AO3 usually starts with "Kudos" or "Bookmarks." But who knows, and I want to make a record for myself as well, so here are some various recs of things that are generally from the above listed fandoms. Or something.

Recs! )
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Well, well, well...look what I did! I wrote some words, in order, to make sentences and thoughts! It is a miracle. I've been reading and lurking in Sherlock fandom for over a year, and puttering slowly away at this fic for many many months, so I finally decided to kick myself in the butt and post the first part, eager to motivate myself to finish the other chapters. So, here is chapter one of the first thing I've tried to write in Sherlock fandom. Trying a new fandom feels a little bit like cheating on my loyal Snupin spouse, but I know the boys will understand (feels Snape's icy glare and Lupin's understanding yet judgmental eyes upon me...)

If anyone cares to give this a try, it is over at Ao3:

Title: His Best Man
Author: westernredcedar
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Summary: On day twenty-three, the fog lifts and John figures it out.
Warnings: post-Reichenbach (spoilers, ahoy!), angst, grief, ambiguous confusing relationship, no Sherlock in this part
Rated: This part is PG, later parts will be rated higher
Length: 5800 in this part, estimated 15,000 in all
Notes: Thank you to book7brokemybrain and woldy, who both gave this portion a look-over and made many helpful comments. I have messed with it quite a lot since then, so the errors are all mine.
Huge credit to arianedevere, whose amazing transcripts allowed me to pull lines easily and use them in this piece.
I have most of part two written and will strive to update in a week.

Smooches and hugs to all of you. I'm excited to get back to some writing! *kiss*


28 Jun 2012 06:52 pm
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Hey all,
I'm really behind I know, but I'd like to get all my work archived at AO3 and I still haven't even joined...anyone have an invite sitting around? I'd be so appreciative.
Thanks! Cedar
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Hi all!
I miss you. I miss writing. RL has been fine and busy, but has not involved any writing of angst, porn, romance, or goofiness. Hence, the following:

I'm offering ficlets! My goal will be to write five requests, if five requests exist. Of course, I'd love to write Remus/Severus, but I'm also open to other pairings, excluding Snarry. I lean towards slash, and you know I'll always jump at Viktor/Charlie.

If you would like a ficlet, please respond with a pairing or character and a short prompt. I'll write and post in the next week or so. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] celandineb for the inspiration to get writing again.

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Title: The Steep and Thorny Way
Author: [livejournal.com profile] westernredcedar
Summary: Remus is married now, soon to be a father. So why can't he stop thinking about a man who is a traitor and murderer?
Rated: R
Warnings: not exactly infidelity, but not exactly fidelity, either
Length: ~2300
Notes: Repost! Written for [livejournal.com profile] omni_sama at Snupin Santa 2011. Based on this prompt- Canon-compliant (as much as any non-canonical pairing fic can be) heart-breaker fic taking place during the Second War, after Severus has killed Dumbledore. Two souls that were meant to be, if the world had spun differently, but can only brush past each other in the blinding darkness of their personal hells. An attraction never before admitted, a love never to be spoken. Make it hot, make it hurt.
This fic was vaguely inspired by this part of Good Omens: "The ducks in St. James' Park are so used to being fed bread by secret agents meeting clandestinely that they have developed their own Pavlovian reaction." The title is from Hamlet.
Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] islandsmoke and [livejournal.com profile] celandineb for the inspiration when I needed it!

The Steep and Thorny Way )
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