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Birthdate:Mar 23
Location:United States of America
Disclaimer: I am here to read and write slash fan-fiction, most of it M/M and most of it Lupin/Snape. Some of it will be NC-17, so this journal is 18+ please. The characters are JKR's, not mine, and I make no profit from this whatsoever.

About me:
Older than many, younger than many, I try to do too much and often fail. I'm here to read, write, and occasionally post art (mostly painting), and on rare occasion will talk a little about RL, at least as it relates to being in fandom. I am extremely liberal, very slash happy, and loyal to Lupin/Snape, although I will read almost any well-written slash and gen, or even some het (maybe). I like to write about Viktor Krum, who I feel deserves more credit than he gets as a romantic.

I like a stiff drink, a hearty laugh, a long chat, a good book, provocative art, and a good cry. I’m overeducated and spend hours of every day overthinking my life. I have a secret, but quite rabid, snarky streak.

HP is my only fandom, and will probably remain that way. Like Lupin, I’m loyal. Like Lupin, I’m quiet about my loyalty. (Actually, if you want to know about me, Lupin is a pretty good reference point in general.) The only other obsessions I might occasionally write about are teaching, geology, and the Plantagenets, in particular Richard III. Loyaultie me lie.

I love reading, am a maniacal re-reader, and am keeping a running list of my all-time favorite books here. Enjoy! I have eclectic taste to say the least, from the classics to the grocery store shelves- something for everyone. I am thrilled to get book recs too, if you care to share.

I am happy to be here to find some other liberal-minded, slash-loving Potter fans.

I have organized my fic in three lists, and I plan to keep these updated with all of my new stuff:

Here are all of my DRABBLES

This is what various quizzes say about me. Trust them, they are on-line quizzes. They must be right...

[i'm dean thomas]

...and which lesser Harry Potter character are you?

Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

Here are a few limericks written for me by the wonderful bronze_ribbons. Frankly, you don't need to know anything else:

There once was a writer named Cedar
whose tastes were more angsty than sweet -- ah,
but see how her lopings
through Lupinear mopings
please even the soppiest reader.

(Or two:)

There once was a Western Red Cedar
who loved squeezing Snape through a wringer.
She'd mess with his head --
"Hey, Lupin is dead!" --
but later? A long werewolf finger...

There once was a Slytherin gland
in need of a Gryffindor's hand
(I'd try to rhyme "prostate"
but God, how it's late)
and that's why there's lube on their nightstand.
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