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Hello friends,

Lots going on in the past weeks, and I haven't shared any of it...so here on a calm Friday evening, how's about a wrap-up?

In the Flesh, Big Bangs that Weren't, Snupin Sadness, New Fic in Progress )
Hope you are all enjoying 2015, so far.
People, it's the future.
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Hi all! I posted a third (shorter) In the Flesh fic today...and I'm still determined to convince a few more of you to try this fabulous show.

Here, enjoy this cute fan PowerPoint to convince you to watch ITF (FYI: link takes you to tumblr, and will give you sort of general spoilers, but nothing specific):

Why You Should Watch In the Flesh by debbiegllagher

Here's the thingy I wrote. It's a simple scene between Simon and Sue Walker, and works best if you read the other two fics I've written first, but hey, it's all good.

Title: The Din of the World
Fandom: In the Flesh
Summary: Simon tries to imagine what has brought Sue, alone, to his doorstep. "If you are in search of Kieren, I'm afraid he's not here at the moment. Is everything all right?"
"No, no, all's well. Kieren's home. I was hoping to find you, actually."
Characters: Simon Monroe, Sue Walker, Kieren Walker, Simon/Kieren
Rated: PG
Length: 1800 words


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Well, I wrote another In the Flesh fic, so I'll post here again, just in case any of you are tempted...

Title: Betwixt and Between
Summary: It is still hanging there, between them, the unanswered question.
"You left. I searched everywhere for you. Where did you go?"
Pairing, Characters: Simon/Kieren, Jem, Sue, Steve, Shirley, Tom, a few others referenced
Length: 4100 words
Rated: PG-13
Warnings/Tags: Simon POV, post-series 2, angst, developing relationship

So there's that! I'm proud of it, but it sure needs a brit-pick...I'm so lazy about betas now. What has happened to me??

I was up really late last night watching various Robin Williams scenes and interviews, shedding some tears. It's always odd to feel sad over the loss of someone you only know through their work, but this one really got me...so many really influential moments in my life have a corresponding Robin Williams film, from Popeye as a child, to Good Morning Vietnam when I was just starting to understand how much I love the exploration of war through art (that was middle school) to Dead Poets as an angsty teen, to Fisher King in high school (god, seeing that movie has a life changing story with it for me...) I even have this crystal clear memory from very small childhood of being at my friends house and watching a video of his stand-up, and during the entended riff on the name of his penis ("Mr. Happy"), I had this epiphany that I must be growing up since I was allowed to watch this now.

Take care of each other. *hugsyou*
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Hi all!
I've continued to dip my toe into (read: become radically obsessed with) In the Flesh. I've finished my first fic as of this morning, and ADORED writing it. It's here.
So far, aside from the amazing source material and inspiration to write, I just have to say that the small fandom for ITF is so generous and sweet, really lovely. Makes me happy like in the good ol' days of Snupin, just warm feelings, good humor, and support all around, small enough that you start to recognize names and personalities a bit. After my foray into the behemoth of Sherlock, it's a pleasure. I only wish the fandom was located here on LJ, for better interactions, rather than in the crystal mystery that is tumblr (I still don't understand tumblr at all. I'm like Grandpa Simpson on that one).
So, I'll make another plug for the show (buy episodes here!), but mostly just wanted to add an update about finishing the fic, and hoping to get started on the next one.

*hugs you all*
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Hi all! My love of In the Flesh has spawned some fic. I know this is a long shot read for many of you who haven't watched the show, but I have solution for you! Watch! It's only 9 episodes! If you missed my original sales pitch for the show, it's here. /pestering

Here's the fic. It's Part 1, with Part 2 coming in the next day or two, on AO3.

Title: No Length of String
Author: [livejournal.com profile] westernredcedar
Summary: The most shocking thing about being alive again is that Simon doesn't hate it the second time round.
Rated: R
Pairing: Simon/Kieren
Length: 2700 words, so far
Warnings/Tags: Simon POV, Character study, Drug abuse, Suicide, Past violence, angst, kissing, missing scenes
Notes: This was my first attempt at airing some of my Simon and Kieren headcanon, and the angst-fest that is Simon's life. Enjoy!

Hope you are having a lovely summer, my dears. *hugsflist*


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