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I am thrilled to say that the 31 days of the Lusty Month of May at [livejournal.com profile] pervy_werewolf are over, and my fic is complete!
This was such a great experience, even when it was miserable. :D
SUPER CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who finished, and to everyone who wrote for even part of the challenge. There is so much good Remus fic to read now, it is a bit overwhelming.

Here are the links to my last three episodes. Part 31 has the links to all of the previous parts in one convenient place.

Part 29: December 11, 1979 Severus had three tattoos. Remus did not even notice when the new one appeared. (Remus/Severus, Remus/Benjy/Caradoc, NC-17)

Part 30: December 31, 1979 Remus decided that going to the Order’s New Year’s Party would be easier than explaining why he wasn’t going. (Remus/Severus, Remus/Sirius, PG-13)

Part 31: December 31, 1979: Later He didn’t understand, and he was scared as fuck, but the quiet of the moment allowed Remus to feel something he had never allowed himself to feel before, even though it had been true for a long, long time. (Remus/Severus, NC-17)
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Part 25: July 22, 1979 They found Fabian first. (Remus/Severus, NC-17, warning: Character Death)

Part 26: August 27, 1979 “You found me,” Regulus said, his voice low. “Now what?” (Remus/Regulus, NC-17, warning: dark, torture)

Part 27: August 27, 1979: Later Remus did not know how he had managed to go from the agony and misery of Regulus to this peaceful comfort with Severus in a few short hours. The shift was making him dizzy. (Remus/Severus, NC-17)

Part 28: October 31, 1979 The first sign of trouble arrived and tapped at Severus’s windowsill on Halloween morning. (Remus/Severus, Remus/Sirius, R, warning: minor character death)

Hooray for [livejournal.com profile] pervy_werewolf!!
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Here are my most recent entries!

Part 19: May 6, 1979 Suddenly, Remus knows exactly what he wants. Also, it turns out that he bought some jam at the May Festival. (Remus/Severus, NC-17)

Part 20: June 1, 1979 It had been a blissful month. Then Sirius arrived at Remus’s door. (Remus/Severus, Remus/Sirius, R)

Part 21: June 2, 1979 Remus thought he’d just ask, and Severus would explain, and they could get back to their non-routine. That was the plan. (Remus/Severus, NC-17)

Part 22: June 30, 1979 Gideon knows why Remus has been moping. (Remus alone, Gideon, NC-17)

Part 23: July 20, 1979 In the end, Remus couldn’t not go to James and Lily’s wedding. (Remus/Sirius, R)

Part 24: July 20, 1979: Later The real party at James and Lily’s wedding was taking place under the table. (Remus/Sirius, Alice/Frank, and others, NC-17)
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Here is my next set of LMoM episodes!

Part 15: April 12, 1979 The next night, Remus asked Severus to tie him up. (Remus/Severus, R, bondage)

Part 16: April 14, 1979 The day after the full moon is particularly horrible, but James thinks it is good day for a visit. (Remus/James, NC-17, rough, oral, cheating)

Part 17: April 24, 1979 Remus was an idiot to think things could not get any worse. (Remus/Gideon, PG-13, character death)

Part 18: May 5, 1979 Remus gets away to the countryside, stumbles into a May Festival, and gets just what he needs. (Remus, OMC/OFC, NC-17, voyeurism, outdoors)

I'm starting to feel the burn, people! Whoo. I'm in this focused mode now where I just write all the time...What will happen in June? I'll go into withdrawl! Heh. Part 19, coming tomorrow...:)
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Here are my last few posts!

Part 11: March 26, 1979 Remus was going to have to deal with Sirius at some stage. He just wished it wasn't at a club called Disco Fever. (Remus/Sirius, Sirius/OC, NC-17, surprise kink)

Part 12: March 31, 1979 Severus gets some unwanted attention, and the wolf doesn't like it much. (Remus/Severus, NC-17, outdoor sex, oral, early alpha!Remus)

Part 13: April 1, 1979 Gideon inadvertently provides for some fun, and Remus learns something new about Severus. (Remus/Severus, NC-17, nipple play, sex toys, first time)

Part 14: April 11, 1979 There is nothing worse than realizing, right in the midst of a circle jerk, that you don't want to be there. (Remus/Sirius/James, Peter, NC-17, wanking, voyeurism, alcohol, weird consent issues)

Onto Part 15! That's halfwayish! :)
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Made it to double digits! Here are my last three LMoM entries:

Part 8: March 24, 1979 Remus had not meant to start shagging Sirius again. It had just happened. (Remus/Sirius, Remus/Severus, R, rimming mentioned in passing)

Part 9: March 25, 1979 Sirius is fun, but Severus is Severus. (Remus/Severus, PG-13, toe fetish, public foreplay)

Part 10: March 25, 1979: Later Once Severus decided what he wanted, he didn't go about things half-arsed. (Remus/Severus, NC-17, first time, oral sex, and someone is a virgin...*g*)

My SO got home from a three-week trip yesterday, so my writing and reading time is going to become ever more limited. Extra apologies for falling behind on reading and commenting. I will catch up!!
So much amazing stuff is being drawn and written. GO LMOMmers!! Whee!
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Still going...One week down, three to go!
My most recent entries at [livejournal.com profile] pervy_werewolf:

Part 6: February 20, 1979 As Remus and Severus cannot figure out how to actually talk to each other, they do they next best thing- they get roaring drunk. (Remus/Severus, NC-17, alcohol consumption, wanking)

Part 7: March 10, 1979 Sirius has a memorable birthday planned for Remus at the Wimbourne Wasps home game…and it has nothing to do with Quidditch. (Remus/Sirius (sort of), PG-13, exhibitionism)

As you can see, I have started adding daily summaries for each entry, as much for myself as anyone! :) I am drooling in anticipation looking at all the fic I have not had time to read while I am busy writing. I'm so glad to see so many of us have lasted a full week!! YAY!
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Well, I'm still on track with LMoM at [livejournal.com profile] pervy_werewolf over on IJ. Here are my most recent entries.

Day 3: January 15, 1979: Night Remus/Gideon/Dorcas, NC-17, (threesome, dirty talk, DP)

Day 4: February 2, 1979 Remus/Severus, NC-17, (frottage, finger sucking)

Day 5: February 9, 1979 Remus/anonymous stranger, past Remus/Sirius, Remus/Severus, NC-17, (attempted non-con)

Something seems to be acting up with the last entry, so I may have to delete and repost. I'll give it a few hours to see if it straightens out.

I'm really having fun writing, but I have guilt that I do not have time to read everyone else's entries. I will have to get caught up after the month is over! :)
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I have posted my first two entries for the Lusty Month of May at [livejournal.com profile] pervy_werewolf. *quiver* My overall concept is to write vaguely connected smutty snippets of Remus's life during the year 1979, so there will be lots of Marauders' angst, Sirius being a perv, war and hardships, and of course, Severus. I hope some bits are lighter and funnier, but there will be dark times as well. Here's what we have so far:

Part 1: January 1, 1979 (NC-17, Remus/James, warning for cheating, 900 words)

Part 2: January 15, 1979 (PG-13, Remus/Severus, 900 words)

There is so much writing going on for this challenge right now, it is overwhelming and amazing! Not only that, several amazing artists are in on the action. I'm hope you all have been over to check it out, but if not, go!! It's a very good time for our Remus. Hee.

Now, to get Part 3 underway...


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