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Hi y'all!

Well, it has been a lovely winter break so far, only slightly horribly stressful. I was even able to read quite a bit...it's been a toss-up between reading Snupin Santa and reading yet more Torchwood fic. Here are a few recs from Snusa! I hope some of you will head to the Snupin Santa Archive to read and leave these lovely authors some love.

Snupin Santa (all Remus/Severus, of course!):
Remember the Time by [livejournal.com profile] lordhellebore (PG-13, ~3000 words)
Wow, this is beautiful angst, and a new take that I have not read before, on the triangle of Remus/Tonks/Severus during the second war. I won't say too much, except that this one HURTS, but is respectful of all three of these characters, and is just brilliantly executed. If you love painful Snupin angst (like me), don't miss it!

The Spy's Contact by [livejournal.com profile] stgulik (PG, 420 words)
I LOVED this little ficlet of scenes between the boys as they worked for the Order during one of the wars (your choice!). Each scene says so much with so little, with a lovely balance of angst, humor, and even holiday warmth. Lovely!

Fairy Lights and Port by [livejournal.com profile] nimrod_9 (PG-13, 276 words)
This is a very sweet, but wonderfully in character ficlet that takes you right inside Severus's mind as he deals with actually being comfortable and happy on Christmas. Awesome, as is Remus attempting to keep him from thinking about anything too hard.

For Your Eyes Only by [livejournal.com profile] snapealina (G, 500 words)
Another sweet ficlet, this one amongst the Marauders, in which a note from Snape to Remus is intercepted by his friends. Cuteness and savvy-Snape-planning ensues.

Happy Christmas by [livejournal.com profile] islandsmoke (G, 500 words)
Holy adorable fluffiness! Remus is his sappy self, and Snape is all paranoid, and they are off in the Alps together at Christmas.

I wrote one too, by the way, My Promising Career in Espionage, which I will repost here once the fest is over. I want to compile more Torchwood recs soon. Don't know if any of you would even consider reading them, but I like keeping track for myself! :) HARKNESS! *ahem*

Happy reading! *hugs*
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Hello anyone still out there!
*listens for echo*
It is my summer break from teaching, which means that I am...posting something. Woo! I actually am still here reading all the time, just lurking like a creepy little lurker rather than the grand participant I used to be. Oh well. Here's some stuff:

Fandom-wise, I have been all over the place recently. I was entrenched as a reader and fledgling writer in BBC Sherlock fandom for many months when RL totally derailed that direction. I still have most of the unfinished second chapter of the thing I was writing, and I dream of being able to complete it this summer...maybe? I simply cannot promise. Then I spent a sweet month or so just reading any decent The Voice RPF and thinking this was pretty odd, even for me (*ahem*, [livejournal.com profile] snegurochka_lee, recs further down, keep reading...). Now this summer has been entirely consumed by catching up on Avengers and the Marvel Universe movies and fic...damn, it has been a fun few weeks of cheesy superhero goodness. I saw The Avengers back when it came out last summer, but only just watched Thor and Captain America, and Iron Man still waits for me.

I also just enjoyed [livejournal.com profile] magnetic_pole's most recent round of [livejournal.com profile] lgbtq_recs and have a list of books to order when I finish making this post!

I thought maybe I'd rec a few things I've enjoyed? I don't know. I am confident everything I'm going to mention is a classic and super well known in their individual fandoms already, seeing how my search criteria on AO3 usually starts with "Kudos" or "Bookmarks." But who knows, and I want to make a record for myself as well, so here are some various recs of things that are generally from the above listed fandoms. Or something.

Recs! )
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Hi all!

Just dropping a quick rec from snupin_santa. This fic is so fabulous and I don't want you to miss it!

Untitled, Wrapped in Boxer Shorts
I'm 95% sure I know who wrote this, because the structure of the language and the sense of humor are so unique. Regardless of who wrote it, however, this is just a charming, hysterical, and sweet story. The author relishes using the cliches of the "Stranded on a Desert Island" genre, while at the the same time mocking them and subverting them through Snape's biting narrative voice. The plot is simple- Snape and a large dog (*ahem*) are shipwrecked on a magic-suppressing desert island during wartime, and they have to survive. It's the kind of story that makes me fall in love with language again. You will laugh yourself silly at Snape's brush with lonely madness and Lupin's partial transformation, and the love story is sweet and satisfying.

I keep trying to pull a quote and there are too many good ones, so just go read it!

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Hi my dears!

Well, there are few fandom moments as exciting to me as receiving my snupin_santa gift every year, and today was that day for me!! Hooray! Even more exciting- *drumroll*


1979 is an illustration for my Lusty Month of May fic of the same name from a couple years ago. This is a fabulous piece showing a back alley rendezvous between young (post-Hogwart's) Remus and Severus, with both of them dressed in their '70's best. I hope you go over, check out the pretty, and leave my dear Santa some feedback. Mmm, Remus's shirt. Mmm, Severus's skinny butt. Mmm, hand in Severus hair...MMMM! I feel really lucky to get such a passionate and personal gift. HOORAY!

While I'm here, I'll share a couple of other recs from Snusa:

A Romance This is an amazing AU, with Remus and Severus both working on the American railroad. What, you say? Yes, the railroad. I boggle at the amount of research/familiarity this author included about work with trains- I was totally absorbed in the world of the fic. Not only that, this is just a fabulous romance. The chemistry between the boys is steamy, there are some fun obstacles to their attraction, and the backstory resonance with canon is totally amazing. There is a good dose of humor as well: Remus's orphaned cat "Hairy" for example. A great feel-good read!

Flight of the Marauder I guess I'm into AUs this year! I really enjoyed this mystery, another brilliant casting of canon characters in a unique setting. In this story, Inspector Severus Snape is on the trail of a gang of thieves (who call themselves the "Marauders", ahem). What I liked here was that the plot is completely unpredictable and gets into some interesting and serious social issues once Severus tracks the criminals down. Of course, sparks fly between the inspector and one of the robbers (who goes by the name "Moony"). Yum. All very well written, with a good dose of Victorian era detail and a steampunk aesthetic.

More recs soon- I've liked many!

Also, thanks [livejournal.com profile] snegurochka_lee and [livejournal.com profile] celandineb for snowflakes back in the snowflake flurry! *HUGS* Sorry I missed that whole thing so I couldn't return the gifting!
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Well, I'm off on an extended science field trip with my class for the next three days. I'll see you all when I return Wednesday. I'll miss you! I will have lots of lovely time to write in the evenings with zero distractions, after I tuck in the hordes and turn out the lights. SNUSA!

In honor of my impending depature, here's a lovely rarepairs rec I've been meaning to post for a few days:

Happy Camper by [livejournal.com profile] indigo_kitti
Charlie/Draco (yes, uh-huh, it works, trust me), NC-17

The Order sends Draco off to the Romanian dragon colony for protection, and Charlie is his care-taker. Guh. I lurve Charlie Weasley, and this fic paints a lusty, sweaty, beefy portrait of him that still manages to be complex and endearing (yes, he has read “Pride and Prejudice” and says “cock” regularly. These are not mutually exclusive qualities after all. *ahem*). Draco’s POV is hysterical, as is the world of the dragon colony she creates.

I’m up to my eyeballs in fabulous Snape fic right now, what with [livejournal.com profile] snape_after_dh and res fest at [livejournal.com profile] lupin_snape, so it was a lovely break to read about these two completely non-Snape characters. Highly recommended.

Have fun without me, and be good!

Art Rec!

16 Sep 2007 09:12 am
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Okay, I cannot stop looking at this one. It is older teen Lily and Severus by [livejournal.com profile] pojypojy, just as I imagine them...comfortable, close friends. Snape in this just kills me (the legs! the sad expression! the tight shirt! the rolling papers! the legs!) I was writing after looking at this drawing last night, and suddenly everyone in my Snusa was hand-rolling cigarettes (I'll edit that later...). I hate smoking in RL, oh but in fic...

Anyway, go check it out, it is a piece of 70's wonderfulness. It also has a cute bit of dialogue in reference to canon!Lily/Snape that is chuckle-worthy.

And don't miss Lily's shoes.
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So, the reality of being back at work and trying to keep up with all goings-on around here, not to mention regular RL, is settling in. The SO is going to smash this laptop to the ground soon if I don't look up from the screen soon. *must balance time better*

Anyway, I have had a great week of writing productivity so far. I completed five teeny-fics, all but one involving a new pairing and many new characters for me! Yippee!
Summing up my busy week of writing so far, pointing to a few cool things, and a brief tennis reference )
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Need a good belly-laugh after the devastation?
Looking to distract yourself from DH for a solid ten minutes?
Consider the OotP movie worthy of a lashing? (Remember the OotP movie, way back last week? Heh.)

Then trot over to read [livejournal.com profile] blpaintchart's 10 minute OotP screenplay here.

In concise script form, she skewers the film and filmmakers, and good. It is hy-sterical, as she always is.
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If you are, like me, hovering around in a limbo state for another few hours, and need to cheer up, allow me to point or re-point you towards [livejournal.com profile] blpaintchart's Film Script for Book 7. I assume many of you read this already (I hope). I just read it again to escape the blues, and my goodness, it does the trick. This is the crackiest of the crack. You will never see a Ford Fiesta the same way again.
100% spoiler free, unless [livejournal.com profile] blpaintchart is skilled in divination. And oh, do I hope she is... :)

Part 1

Part 2

If anyone is out there, enjoy! *off to re-read part two once more*

ETA: Oh, and if you still need to laugh more, try this one too! Dr. Seuss, meet Lucius Malfoy.


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