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Hello friends,

Lots going on in the past weeks, and I haven't shared any of it...so here on a calm Friday evening, how's about a wrap-up?

First of all, today the official word was handed down from BBC3 that they will not be renewing In the Flesh for a third season, which is a real shame, but at this point was no surprise. They've had months to announce that they were trying to save it, and a very vocal fandom pounding at the door, and yet have been silent, so my hope had grown low. Nonetheless, the official announcement has really made me sad- ITF really is one of the best things I've ever watched on TV, and the fact that it cannot even get to a point of resolution (like, another tiny three episode season like season 1?) before ending is just miserable. The one positive that I'm getting from it is that the possibilities for fic now grow exponentially- no jossing of anything later, it's all possible!

Basically, I'm having Firefly feelings. Why can't the good stuff live?

On that note, I've been working away on a long, multi-chapter fic for the Siren Big Bang in ITF fandom. I signed up months ago, wrote up a summary, was assigned an artist who I exchanged many cordial and exciting emails with. All good. [livejournal.com profile] bk7brokemybrain is beta reading. The due date was January 1, so as the date approached, I started emailing the mods and my artist regularly about my progress, and was a bit concerned about the lack of response...well, guess what? The entire team for the Big Bang just DISAPPEARED. No emails, no updates on the LJ comm, as if the whole thing never existed. Even my sweet, friendly artist- GONE. It feels a little like I was caught in an alternate universe where this fest existed, and then I blinked back into this universe and it was gone. Anyway, it was actually a great development for me, because I can slow down my stressful writing pace, and post on my own (with bk7's continued support, hurrah!), but man, did that whole thing make me appreciate the trustworthy world of HP fandom I was in for so long. I am still just baffled that this thing vanished with zero fanfare. Thank goodness for all the fabulous HP mods in my fandom life before this, eh!? *hugs*

I was so wrapped up in the schedule for this Big Bang in December that I did not even attempt to create anything for the final Snupin Santa, and now that makes me doubly cross, seeing as how I actually could have taken the time. I love that so many dear old Snupiners came out to join the fest one last time, and maybe, just maybe, someday I'll get the time to actually go in and read and comment. *sigh* Farewell, dear Snusa!

Lastly, here's a link to my ITF work in progress, formerly my Big Bang fic, if anyone cares to see what I'm up to in this fandom. It's basically an attempt at a season three plot, so even more appropriate now that there will be no season three. *pouts again*

Anyway, here it is Hopeful Monsters, mind all the tags and warnings at Ao3, and I'll add to the tags as I add more chapters. Next one should be finished this weekend.

Hope you are all enjoying 2015, so far.
People, it's the future.
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